DORIMU Toadstool Gnome 3

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It is believed that Toadstools bring good luck and to find one you don´t have to go to an enchanted forest! But to meet the Toadstool Gnomes your heart must be pure and open. Hear them whispering and giggling while they run amongst tiny forest flowers and slide down the fiddleheads. Let them into your heart. Let them inspire you. Let them brighten up your life. Let them protect you.

The miniature Dorimu Toadstool Gnomes are only about 3 cm (1.2”) small lucky charms. Their home is the forest box in the size of a matchbox with many symbols. A singing bird, the symbol of happiness and freedom, sitting on a small Toadstool invites you to slide the box open… A friendly snail on a stone, talking to a big Toadstool is your reminder to slow down and be patient. Beautiful forest flowers and grasses create a whimsical atmosphere, where your little Dorimu Toadstool Gnome feels happy and safe.

Each Dorimu Toadstool Gnome is handmade and unique.

Please consider that Dorimu products are handmade, gentle and delicate. They are not toys and need to be handled with care.